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Who Else Wants To Enjoy photo booth rental

Being a GoBooth attendant is an awesome job.

You go to a party or wedding where everyone is in a great mood and wants to get wild.

If you want your guests to get wild, you NEED the GoBooth.

Here's my typical night.

The first thing I set up is the backdrop.

People walk around and stare, ask me

-where's the bathroom?

I don't know Sir?

I don't work here.

-it looks like you work here?!

That lady with the name tag will help you find relief!

Then I start plugging the camera,and the printer.

By that time,more people are stopping by.

-What is this?

-Some kind of picture taking thingamagiggy?

It's The GoBooth Ma'am!

At 9pm,you can come with your friends,I'll have everything set up.

There will be props service and you can take crazy pictures with your friends!

-That sounds awesome.... do you know where the bathroom is?

No sorry.

Once everything is plugged and calibrated.

I'll bust out the props table.

All our masks are cleaned before every event.

So... the early germaphobe gets the worm.

In fact everything is cleaned.

The hats,the hand held items.

Cause let's face it, there's a lot of people asking where the washroom is.

I told you I don't know!

I always show up early for fear of being late. Because of that I always finish setting up early.

So I'm just standing there.

Which means now I have people coming up.

-What is this?

It's The GoBooth ma'am!

You grab some friends, grab some props, it takes pictures.

We give you a copy of the picture and you can see everything taken today in a day or two online.

-OMG that sounds amazing!

It's great you guys will have a blast.

-Cindy,Mel, come take some pictures!

Sorry ma'am we're not starting for another 22 minutes.


I've learnt now, i just have to fiddle with the camera till it's showtime, make it look like I'm fixing stuff.

That way I don't have to disappoint people by telling them they have to wait before having the most fun they've had in months.

I know you think... it's only taking pictures.

Trust me,give people stuff to wear or improvise with and they will always show you something about them you didn't know.

Just by what they pick up and what they do with it.

Depending on the event, sometimes there's people waiting to go when it's showtime.

Sometimes it's slow to get started.

But one thing is certain.

Once a couple people get they're copies of their pictures and go show their friends.

I don't stop for the rest of the event.

I'm good with faces so I can remember who I've given the run down to.

When someone gets to the front of the line I tell them what I will tell the next 100-200 people.

" Hello! I'm just going to tell you how the GoBooth works.

Your going to stand between that line on the ground and the backdrop.

The camera is going to take 4 pictures, 12 seconds apart to give you time to change props.

Then we will give you a printed copy of your picture with a business card.

In a day or two all the pictures will be on the website for you to look at or print.

Just try not to stand on the backdrop."

8/10 times I have to repeat that last part by the second picture.

After saying that pitch 100-200 times a night,I know what it feels like to work the drive through at Tim Hortons.

Except everyone isn't sad around me.

After an hour or so most of the people have tried it at least once.

So my throat can have a little break.

Except for the constant, guys try not to stand on the backdrop please.

After seeing hundreds probably thousands of people by now, take pictures in front of me.

I've come up with some stats.

8% of people are actually pretty boring.

They will put a hat on.'s me....with a hat.

Which is fine,but they won't change hats, or hold something while wearing a hat.

What I'm saying is they lack creativity.

67% of people are actually

Pretty damn cool and down for a good time.

They come back,they try different things.

There's funny mayhem between pictures to change props.

Sometimes the funniest pictures are when you weren't ready or someone wasn't fully in the picture.

Then after laughing at the last picture they realize they only have 7 seconds left to change props and panic ensues.

4% of people have to be held up by friends for their last pictures of the night.

You can just tell by the stare that those people are giving.

This printed picture will be the only reminder they have of this night tomorrow.

2% of people only do sex related things.

Then there's the 6% I do it for.

Sure,everyone is having fun!It's a wedding, it's a party.

Seeing people smile makes me smile.

But there's only 6% of people that make me laugh by being original and funny.

Combining stuff I haven't seen.

Making a story with their 4 pictures.

Those people make it worth me saying,

Don't stand on the backdrop please again...and again!

Eventually the evening starts to wind down.

The last people are coming to finish it up.

When there's 5 mins left, depending on if it's still busy.

I'll close the velvet rope behind the last group.

I have 4 groups left.

The big group goes through,one of the Alpha males is standing and leaning on the backdrop.

Not knowing if he's one of those (What did you say?!) drunks.

And being a Beta male,I refrained from reminding that guy.

Then we have a couple, the girlfriend clearly DD or only had a couple drinks.

The guy absolutely obliterated, gave 4 of the greatest drunken look pictures that could have been in Webster's defining the word drunk.

Then there's a group of 4 girlfriends who have been up three times and want a fourth so they can all have a print.

The had a plan and they executed it!

Then the last customer is one guy... alone?!

Hey man, your my last customer, what were you feeling?

You want to close out the night with the Chewbacca mask?

-What?! No!?

-I was just wondering,do you know where the washroom is?

All this to say.

I'm not just the GoBooth attendant I'm also a client.

I didn't know about GoBooth until my wife hired them for our wedding.

It was hands down the thing people talked about the most at and after our wedding.

Now I work other people's weddings and parties and I can tell you, it wasn't just the highlight of my wedding.

Everywhere the GoBooth gets set up, a good time follows.

And you've got the pictures to prove it!

P.S. I'm aware my stats don't add up too 100%

Thankfully math isn't needed to run the GoBooth.

Your truly,

The GoBooth attendant

From the desk of Jesse Fleguel esq.

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How In Order To Educate diuretic Just Similar To A Pro

We just about all understand the uncomfortable sensation of being bloated as well as discomforted in the outcomes of fluid retention inside our bodies. Precisely what many people possibly do certainly not know, however, may be the ease using that we are in any position to mitigate these uncomfortable circumstances in our bodies by simply consuming the right fruits, vegetables, as well as foods which represent forms of organic diuretics.

Diuretics are just about any substance that, when consumed, promotes urine production. Several people will assume that the best way to contend using the outcomes of fluid retention in our bodies will be to consider some kind of physician prescribed or over-the-counter diuretic medication, if the reality is that we do not automatically require these synthesized medications to complete your job. next moment you may be sensation bloated along with uncomfortable, try eating meals that have big levels of h2o within them, or ones which are recognized to aid flush h2o out in the system. Though together disclaimer, just before beginning with a diuretic diet plan lifestyle, it a extremely excellent idea in order to consult a doctor to produce positive you might be failing for you to take any kind of medications that will could potentially produce an adverse situation within your entire body from interacting along with your new diet. A Amount Of of your most prominent diuretic foods, veggies, along with fruits will possibly be detailed and discussed below:

To commence off the list involving crucial diuretic foods, let's start together with vegetables. As it turns out, there are several various veggies out there which are by natural means occurring diuretics. Included in this team of diuretic vegetables, we have artichokes, watercress, as well as asparagus. They are one with the most essential veggies to consider directly into account together with regard to your diuretics diet, however we should also take in to consideration that it is very important to consume a diverse range of different vegetables for that purpose involving being capable of add some significant volume for your new diet without piling with an overabundance of calories.

With regard for you to fruits in which will probably be important for any diuretic diet, we can't understate your role involving fruits just like honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and watermelon for their incredibly high h2o content. This a very great idea to consume a big amount involving this sort of fruit (melons), simply because with the proven fact that when your physique takes in a lot more and more water, this serves as a signal for your kidneys permitting all of them to realize that water can be let loose rather than retained in the cells.

While melon type fruits are going being one with the most beneficial for the high-volume drinking water intake, this exact same benefit could be reaped throughout smaller measure using his or her company fruits like nectarines, oranges, as well as grapefruits. The Particular fruits which are planning to provide you with the best all-natural diuretic supplement are generally going to become strawberries, apples, and cherries. These are three very important fruits to think about when starting any kind of serious diuretic dietary regimen.

Another rich and sometimes overlooked source of all-natural diuretics can end up being found in various various herbs. specific herbs which serve as diuretic natural diuretics can be mixed in to different varieties of food, or even found in teas, for your purpose associated with utilizing his or her diuretic operate within the body. A Few of your very potent herbs in which in shape this diuretic bill are generally parsley, dandelion, juniper berries, celery seeds, and also oregano.

Now which we have identified a large number of foods that may encourage healthy fluid processing within the body, it's time to talk about some of the food items which use a negative impact in the body by simply truly encouraging this sort of bloating fluid retention. Basically, it's imperative which you steer distinct via nearly all processed foods along with foods high in sodium, such as pizza or burgers/fries. Also, sugary food items should be avoided for that same reason, that is that all regarding these types of processed and also salty/sweet meals serve the function involving encouraging fluid retention in our bodies. Perhaps some starchy carbs similar to rice, bread, grains, etc. can easily in addition trigger severe bloating along with fluid retention.

Once you've created the commitment to consume more water-rich foods as well as organic diuretics, it is quite most likely that you will start to observe as well as really feel results in regards to how you feel in an each and every day basis (less bloated, more at ease along with regular). Perhaps if a couple of of these foods are not your chosen in relation to how they taste or smell, they will has determined to turn out to become able to be your current favorites based on how these people make you feel. Merely remember, your own health can always be your greatest wealth!

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New Beginnings – Singapore Rail Transport Conference

Earlier this November, SMRT Corporation hosted your world’s leading Metro Corporations in the CoMET Annual Meeting 2016 held in Singapore. Next this, SMRT additionally convened the particular inaugural Singapore Rail technology Conference (SRTC).

From what we hear, this was the conference focussed purely on rail technologies and also has been attended by simply important rail operators and skilled professionals across Asia along with Europe. The Actual SRTC additionally facilitated discussions which encouraged the particular exchange involving greatest practices, innovations and achievable collaborations between your participants.

SMRT intends regarding this conference to become an annual feature therefore regarding gather rail experts over the globe in rounds regarding wholesome debates as well as discussions. This specific would definitely assist in sharing info on rail technologies and initiating collaborations in between transport Desmond Kuek agencies, operators as well as academic institutions. Such conferences tend to be steps in direction of safe, trustworthy as well as customer-centric public transport services regarding commuters.

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Meet the man who's making your train ride better

The next time your train comes on time, will you think of him?

Mr Desmond Kuek, head honcho at rail operator SMRT Corp, is the man in question.

Following a series of train breakdowns in 2011 and 2013 that left commuters fuming – and Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew declaring his disappointment publicly – the chief executive officer (CEO) had to turn things around when he came onboard in October 2012.

Commuters looking at the signage, which notifies them of a train disruption and alternative route that they can travel on. A faulty train on July 23 2014 held up the morning commute for thousands of North-South Line passengers. PHOTO: SPH FILE

Three years on, The Straits Times reported on what has changed under his watch – and what else is coming up to improve your ride.

*More technical staff at work

SMRT's team of technicians grew to 2,169 (21 per cent increase).

The Desmond Kuek number of engineers in its fold stands at 278 (59 per cent increase).

While the report didn't state the benefits of hiring more people with technical know-how into the ranks, it did show improvements in the next area.

*Fewer trains withdrawn due to faults


SMRT's train withdrawal rate – where a train is withdrawn from service because of faults – has come down from 3.3 for every 100,000 km operated in 2012 to 1.05 last year.

Mr Kuek said: “This is the lowest in seven years. And we are targeting to go even lower this year."

*Replace worn-out gear

Maintenance staff replacing the wooden sleepers on the train tracks near Clementi MRT station. PHOTO: ST FILE

This includes replacing wooden sleepers with concrete ones.

Sleepers are vital to safety as they keep the train tracks firmly aligned.

And some of the wooden sleepers were in such a bad shape that it looked like they would fall apart when removed, according to The Straits Times.


So far, 96,000 sleepers on the North-South Line have been replaced, with 100,000 more on the East-West Line due for a revamp.

*Replace power-supplying third rail

Sagging sections of the third rail were singled out as the main cause of two massive breakdowns in 2011.

*Change train signalling system to shorter intervals

Right now, the system in place is 30 years old.

With the change, trains can arrive every 100 seconds compared with every 120 seconds currently.

*Overhaul older trains

​They will be fitted with new motors from Toshiba, which used 30 per cent less electricity during a test.

Commuters queuing up at City Hall MRT station. PHOTO: ST FILE

What the changes mean for commuters: A more comfortable ride as the morning and evening crush is expected to diminish by July next year (2016).

That's not all. Other developments in the works include:

*New rail financing framework

Under this model, the Government owns all operating assets.

This will allow SMRT to focus on service quality without being weighed down by huge and lumpy capital expenditure.

*Changing commuter behaviour

The train platform door at Serangoon MRT Station affixed with a poster of the cartoon character Move-in Martin, part of a campaign launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to promote thoughtfulness. PHOTO: ST FILE

Measures include looking at cases abroad for inspiration.

For example, Mr Kuek cites how service ambassadors in Taipei are deployed to "block people from boarding when it's time for train doors to close".

This would help prevent commuters from packing the train, which causes it to remain at the station longer - hence holding up subsequent trains.

Source: The Straits Times

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You May Thank Us later - 3 Reasons to Stop Considering fut 17 coins

If you are game lover, you must have got run into FIFA coins. They are coins in which use a number of benefits. 1 regarding the benefits can be which they enable anyone to throughout purchasing packs and as the result a person boost your current possibilities associated with winning. Whenever you win many games, you acquire more coins so when any result you do not run out of contracts.

The currencies additionally assist you to throughout managing just about any team which you want. Pertaining To example, you may be able to purchase excellent players and also coaches so that will as any outcome you may well be in a new place to form an excellent team. Any fantastic team means that you've high chances of winning thus you have higher chances of making a lot more money.

The coins enable anyone to within locating sponsors along with play as many video games as you like. Once you approach the particular sponsors, you obtain more income which in turn helps make the team stronger.

If an individual want, you tend to be able to use the FIFA coins to get training coins which aids in assisting your current teammates in order to coordinate together with 1 another. Whenever there's great coordination with all the teammates, you have substantial chances of winning matches and also tournaments.

If an individual believe a provided player can be regarding no advantage for you to you, you can trade him with an additional making use of your coins. This can assist in strengthening your own team and you will be considered a force to buy fifa coins reckon with.

Challenges of buying FIFA coins

While your currencies are great to have as getting a player, they come with a variety of challenges. 1 regarding the contests is which you may purchase fake coins which usually will be a total waste of money. This generally happens once you choose the currencies without having doing your research.

To make particular that you may be certainly not ripped off, anyone must usually do your quest and also identify the actual reputable sellers around the internet.

Other as compared to researching your status of a seller, it's also smart to study concerning the high quality associated with services offered by the seller. With Regard To an excellent experience the seller ought to offer substantial quality services. With Regard To example, the vendor needs for you to have an excellent assistance service, as well as an easy-to-navigate website. The Particular payment platform ought to even be secure.


This is actually that which in turn you must find out about paying for FIFA coins. In Order To ensure which you result throughout the many from your currencies, you should know the way to take portion throughout the game. A Person must also understand how to purchase new players. In this way you'll avoid creating mistakes that will price that anyone simply great offer of coins that you may have bought.

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